A Short History of Nearly Everything [Pattern Breaker]

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Before we get started I wanted to bring up a few housekeeping items.

Fuckingread.com is no more. Everything has been moved to our new site, Thoughtstack.co. The reason being I wanted a more welcoming place for us all to exchange thoughts and based on the feedback from listeners, Fucking Read was a little too in your face.

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Each podcast also has a complimentary article and PDF, which you can view on the site in case you want to revisit the material after listening.

Speaking of Kevin, he’s now joining Thought Stack, so you’ll be hearing him on more episodes, which is exciting! We’re still playing around with various ideas, but hopefully, we’ll have some interviews with interesting guests and maybe even some co-hosting episodes depending on our schedules.

Lastly, I usually call these mini episodes Thought-Full Thursdays, but I’m changing them to Pattern Breakers. The purpose of these shorts is to allow you a few moments to ponder and reflect on a few questions that relate to the week’s Actionable Book Short, and hopefully get you thinking in new ways and enhance your typical daily patterns …

That brings us to this week’s Pattern Breaker on A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.

First question: It’s been said that 99.99 percent of all species that have ever lived are no longer with us. What makes you think things will be different for the future of our species?

Second question: Over 60 percent of human genes are fundamentally the same as those found in fruit flies and at least 90 percent correlate at some level to those found in mice. Do you think humans are equivalent to other animals or superior?

Third question: Since DNA is the common connector between all animals, do you feel that all life is one?

I hope you enjoyed those brief moments of reflection. If you had any noteworthy insights, I’d love to hear them. Just shoot me a note using the contact page on the site.

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Tune in this weekend for the Weekly Actionable Book Short a Short History of Nearly Everything. You’re going to love it.

Thanks for listening.

Stay Thought-Full.


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